This 1954 Los Angeles Times newspaper story kicks off with, "When can we buy 'em?" Compelling Motorama news stories, like ones featured below, swiftly get on the scent trail of the Dream Car founder and his tale of supreme engineering and designing. After viewing historical booty like this, most savvy collector car lovers beg the question, "Where has all this fantastic Americana car history been locked up for so long?" 

The dream car phenomenon is just another one of the "styling leadership" business paradigm laws created by Harley Earl for GM to use in perpetuity, and, it was never meant to be derailed. But, that's exactly what ended up happening at GM, for all this company's leaders got on the wrong track for decades of time. If GM's leaders today were to simply follow the more harmonic path of simply making cars, "the American public desires" ...then, this auto loving nation of car and truck buyers would just go out and purchase millions more products originating (designed) in Detroit at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

Put another way...if an auto maker styles, builds and then markets some kind of good product-design vehicle generally known in the industry as a "hot car" it's a widely accepted principle of this business that hundreds of thousands (even millions) of consumers will then go out and buy the product. For example, an article in the July 5, 2004 issue of AutoWeek put it this way regarding this observable fact, "To get a Toyota Prius from a dealer, you'd get in line (more than 20,000 orders pending) and pay a markup, which The Wall Street Journal says is typically $5,000 to $6,500 over MSRP. 

Naturally, we're referring to the high volume car selling market place, not some low volume "niche car" production area of this giant manufacturing game of auto building. Today, every Detroit industry insider, along with all the people working at thousands of dealerships selling GM's products, know this company hasn't built a high volume "hot car" in decades of time. Sadly, that's been Toyota's niche for the last few decades and why this auto maker's stock price and market share has been on the up and up for decades now. 

So, it's time to finally talk about the emperor's new cloths...what the heck is really going on behind-the-scenes these days in Detroit? If you want to find out what Harley Earl would think and say if he were to some how come back to judge GM's cars and trucks today, (starting w/ the mind blowing  2004 Pontiac GTO which the American public are staying away in droves from buying this dull designed vehicle) then click the link directly below. (Previous paragraphs directly above were written up at the website nearly 9-years ago.)

If you read the first paragraph of the "In the Pits" story directly above, you'll realize that many auto minded people back in 1954 knew that GM was doing something about quelling the "import car craze" going on. And, the champion behind firing up and creating these race cars which would take "Detroit into the sportster field with a vengeance" was none other than Harley Earl, a.k.a. Detroit's Dream Car King! 

Starting as early as the 1970s, a new breed of GM leaders would realize the power of burying and/or entirely glossing over illustrious parts of their company's modern history. Chevrolet Corvette is one. Only a warped and frustrated cast of characters at the top, who didn't have a clue on how to gain market share and prestige for their company and all its divisions, would result in creating this kind of charade. This area uncovers essential truths on what went on behind-the-scenes at the helm of the largest corporation in the world when the company's leaders are participating in a slew of multi-billion dollar failures resulting in a decade's long market share power dive (eventually bankrupting this once great company).