All this new information provides a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of a man who influenced the driving tastes and habits of millions. Now that a more comprehensive perspective has finally surfaced on Detroit's most daring experimental artist/engineer, it's easy to see why no other design-conscious engineers of the automobile world in the last seventy years have ever come close to blazing such significant trails of progress as this Dreamer-In-Chief.

The following write-up by Randall Rothenberg in a 2002 AdAge article titled, IN PRAISE OF HARLEY EARL, ARCHITECT OF AUTOMOTIVE EROTICISM hits the mark: 

"Harley Earl may be the third-most-influential person in the history of the American auto business. He was the man who, more than any other during the last century, fed Americans' love affair with cars."


Click image to see how the "art of automotive design" is on the rise 

Designer-Earl's clay modeling story begins here, click image 

Hollywood Harley, click image

Harley Earl Design (Non-Automotive, Interior, and Exhibit design), click below

Fabulous Firebirds - aerodynamic masterpieces, click below

Even the original name, Art and Colour, was elusive 

"GM STYLING" did all this company's outstanding logo designs of the Golden Era