Fighting the Old GM.

We're giving Clyde Hensley, an ex product design expert of General Motors Media Archives, the bully pulpit here at this page, below, where Clyde does an excellent job telling it like it is on Richard Earl kicking off the new year of Jan., 2013: "The two newspaper stories shown below from 2005/06 do an excellent job showing how Richard Earl was simply doing his part battling the 'OLD GM' system before the company went bankrupt in 2008/09. Richard had moved to the Detroit area in 1996 and started doing a comprehensive job unraveling and investigating (along w/ interviewing a trove of industry experts) the history behind the champion players of Detroit's auto world from the mid-twentieth century when General Motors reined supreme in the business world. Most people today have a hard time recognizing what precisely went on this business during the 1950s because, for example, the leadership mantle of America's largest auto maker over the 30 to 40 years leading up to the GM bankruptcy did a colossal spin job on certain history of this era of the auto business and no wonder the behavior streamlined the downward direction of this once-great company."

With that said, let's just quickly move on to current times and what Richard Earl is seeking to achieve moving forward into 2013 and beyond. I see an individual who truly loves this company and ready now to stand up with all the people behind the 'NEW GM' to help this company not only turn around but reverse the course of the market share trend of the last 40 odd years. Richard truly recognizes now how times have changed, especially in the lightning fast world of internet communications, and he has every intention of boosting and building GM and all its   with the advent of lightning fast communications on the internet, GM's going to have a hard time containing this story in the future and it's likely the true side of the this man's story will rise up and Harley Earl will enjoy a posthumous victory. 

Why? Because the Harley Earl website you are at right now provides much of the due diligence. For the first time -- in decades -- it's easy to see and find out more on this great leader, engineer and iconic designer instead of having to slog through the marginalizing/maligning history on the man General Motors filtered out over the last forty years painting the picture on Harley Earl. to such an extent by the end of the 20th century Harley Earl was hardly recognizable or comparable to the legendary figure the industry elevated him by the time he died in 1969. At this time, the Detroit Free Press titled him in a 10-pg rotogravure piece as, "The Man Who Invented the Modern Car" or one of the oldest and most respected trade magazines of the day, Ward's AutoWorld titled him as, The Man Who Created a New Profession" for the cover story which translated into a 12-pg article legitimizing him and this term for generations to come! But GM never let the generations of car buyers ever find out about this man because of the kind of leaders who took control of this company, reversed the course of the auto industry (something nobody else, or a company alone could ever do before, and the next thing you know Harley Earl's a distant memory and an extremely hard person for the general audience to find out about today. So, Richard Earl has done the best possible job with limited resourses to, 'reverse the curse' as he likes to call it. 

Harley Earl was a

s a leading automotive magazine cover story and the Detroit Free Press called him. It's not a coincidence that the two  The first newspaper story below ran in Jan., 2006 during the Detroit International Auto Show and Richard had clear view, ahead-of-time, of what was likely going to unfold for GM in the not too distant future (two and half years later GM started heading into bankruptcy)" said 

The quotes inside these two news stories (above and below) detail more evidence on how General Motors was on the verge of collapse by 2006.

Listen to a 2011 interview Richard had with Larry Mantle, NPR's largest California affiliate: