While being interviewed...Mary Ellen said she had to step, barefooted, into the full-sized model of LeSabre using a ladder so the GM Photographic lensman could take this wonderful photograph. She went on to say, "the doors on the model of the LeSabre didn't open or anything like that because it was just being used as a trick of art at that time" [this model was a visual demonstration of the future vehicle]. Everyone I knew ended up seeing me splashed across the world on account of a couple of the pictures taken of me in this concept car went on to be published in millions of newspapers worldwide!"

The story doesn't end here. 

Mary Ellen said that in the summer of 1951, she traveled to Europe to visit her father, Larry Green, who happened to be in the import /export automobile business. Anyway, here's the interesting part, they both went on to Turin, Italy and called on the Pininfarina bodybuilding shop. Mary Ellen went on to say, "their engineering techniques and auto body facility were crude in comparison to how GM was building cars. For instance, at the time they hadn't even yet progressed along to using clay to model the design forms; the facility seemed more like a garage...but low and behold there was some sort of LeSabre copy being built right there in their body plant. They were real friendly to us and didn't mind my taking a picture of the car...they didn't know I worked at GM Styling." (Mary Ellen's storytelling 1951 photograph is directly below.)