This type of automotive and/or car racing history chronicles the birth of the Corvette and epitomizes a unique area of what's great about modern America!

Harley Earl's famous dream car LE SABRE stands on "Start / Finish" line of the 1951 Watkins Glen road race...Two years later Mr. Earl stayed in harmony with another original idea he hadallowing one of the very first 1953 production Corvettes made at the Flint, Michigan assembly line to travel on to Watkins Glen so it could lead the Grand Prix race parade. Scroll down to see more distinct photos chronicling this uncommon event in popular culture. 

Modern car racing history, such as this, is truly rare!

And auto minded people today wonder where Harley got the idea for Corvette...for...Chevrolet? Closely examine, below, the historical pics of LeSabre inside Nick Fraboni's Watkins Glen Chevy showroom back in 1951 to discover the specific details! Remember, this was 2-years before this sports car became an American reality. No doubt, Harley Earl's dream for the Corvette was floating around inside his head at the very moment these fantastic pictures were taken back on the evening before this 1951 Grand Prix  race in the Glen (notice Chevy bowtie emblems in pic below right...Nick's brother is seated in the car)!

What's really exciting is that the hallowed ground where Harley Earl stood above and had his brilliant visionary Corvette brainstorm, remains entirely intact today as a modern day Chevrolet showroom...just as it did over fifty years ago! This two story building, known these days as "CLIFFORD CHEVROLET," has fortunately remained the way its always been. Tom Clifford and his son, Matt, are good Americans and naturally are devoted to keeping the integrity of what they have true to form. 

As a matter of fact, now that the genuine article of Corvette history has finally percolated and risen up...savvy people living in the racing rich and friendly land of Watkins Glen now realize how popular this truly rare history can be to their the future. Currently, there is a groundswell happening where a number of heritage conscious locals of Watkins Glen are getting organized around this Corvette legend that has just been properly located historicallythey now see the broad based potential of having this pre-war brick Chevy dealership building registered and designated as a national historic landmark. This way, it could remain enshrined as a treasure of popular American culture for others to enjoy for generations to come.

It's obvious this type of auto-diamond of promotion could turn into a major public attraction drawing thousands of loyal American car buyers to one of the best little cities in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. After time goes by, and the story starts to get out there, it's even conceivable how foreign tourists would even parade to the actual dealership where the Corvette was born, too.  

Many more photos will continue to be added to this online section of the website. Naturally, we are firmly dedicated to further increasing awareness on this sparkling moment in modern history and bringing forth more evidence that chronicles exactly where the idea for the Corvette, in the Glen, began to take shape fifty two years ago during this race weekend. 

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