Click any of the movie images at this section to see or download a historically innovative 1958 Technicolor movie sponsored by GM STYLING on how design influences our modern lives; ranging from everyday products, architecture, styles for industry as well as the art of car design transportation. Text and reel footage images below are from this motion picture (approx. 20-minutes):

Through the arts and crafts of the American stylists….bring wondrous possessions…stunning in color, ingenious in design…bring festivity to the marketplace.   

Expressing not only the American love of beauty, but also the basic freedom of the American people, which is the freedom of individual choice.  

The modern designer creates beauty through simplicity, bringing to active business a look of casualness, a look of luxury. Combining to create a new look to American efficiency. The designer’s influence is reflected in our work. Engineering the shape and look of machines that change the shape and look of the land itself.  

There’s a fresh look to fun in America today…stylists have added new zest to recreation, by bringing an exciting look to a wide variety of things that make leisure hours more pleasurable. Modern fashion has the active look, the casual look. As the stylists surround our lives with functional forms of beauty so they surround themselves in an atmosphere of aesthetic challenge. For the studio of design is an inspiration in itself where men and women representing a variety of talents join their efforts and materialize their dreams.  

To give us a better understanding of the basic elements which go to make up the American look let us look at an example of how styles and designs are created and developed. Working in an artistic atmosphere, men and women of taste and imagination come together to take on the task of creating a design which will express the American look.  

To every stylists, engineer, draftsmen and clay modeler as well as the specialists on color, fabrics and metals. The creation of a new design is a complex process and a tremendous challenge worthy of their most exhaustive effort.  And because the newest designs must be kept confidential until just the right moment the stylists work in rooms that are constantly locked.