The following February 7, 2005 U.S. AUTO SCENE newspaper story exposes a rare jewel from the lost art work of Harley Earl. Clearly, the "art of automotive design" creator deserves his place in the pantheon of modern art. 

Newspaper cover story below:

Page-2 coverage:

There was a slight error inside the above newspaper story. Richard Earl was misquoted saying, "Harley Earl was the greatest contemporary artist of the 20th century." In reality, it was, "Harley Earl was one of the greatest contemporary artists of the 20th century."  

Right before a fierce bidding war began on the Oldsmobile F-88, Richard Earl is seen, above, speaking on this dream car's potent provenance

The following 1999 newspaper story does an excellent job properly locating Harley J. Earl and his artistic vision. Naturally, there are an enormous amount of art critics and wide-ranging skeptics outside of Michigan who would wholeheartedly disagree with any of material reported here:

As one can finally see, Detroit and the auto industry have just begun to scratch the surface of this manís untold story. Designer-Earl's inventing the Auto Design profession is a huge and largely unexamined accomplishment and a valuable part of Americaís dynamic twentieth century history!