May 1956 Detroit Free Press newspaper story chronicles many known and unknown accomplishments by Harley Earl. For example, his introducing one of the greatest safety features invented for modern production automobiles of the Twentieth Century: The all-steel-turret-top roof. Also, notice at the end of the article the mention of how GM Styling designed trains coming off GM's Electro-Motive Division assembly line in La Grange, Illinois.

Two obituaries, below, outline more of HJE's deeds... followed byan important 1956 New York Times article.

Body Politics

To enter Earl's world, one needs a guide for this auto pioneer did not easily arrive at winning the contract to design all GM's diversified transportation products. 

A LOT OF PEOPLE TODAY are interested in finding out what was really going on back in the 1950s when the American auto industry was on top of the world. For example, much of the tangible evidence presented to readers at this website comes from reliable sources; many different newspapers and other periodicals, like this 24-page Dedication Section from the Detroit Times from May, 1956, are packed w/facts. They truly reveal the pure essence behind why the automobiles designed & engineered, back then, were so high up versus the products Americans get today from Detroit. Plus, for the most part back in the '50s, members of the national media just accurately reported what was enthusiastically going on...broad-based success.

Unfortunate for Detroit these days - but the American auto industry remains, for decades now, the butt of many jokes made by their leading foreign auto competitors who year in and year out...gain market share! Naturally, since the fact that these non-American auto makers are winners of an annual popularity contest (one that Harley Earl originally started in Motordom [U.S.A.]...and was always based on quality designed products) gets compounded by a national media that uses the Motor City and its declining market share, devolving sales statistics and consistent rate of which major jobs are being lost from southeastern Michigan as proof-positive why the American motor car building industry and the people who run this business continue to be heralded by the media as their favorite whipping boy.

This 1956 newspaper article directly below on "Automotive Ordnance activity" details when it was formed "in 1941" and also fleshes out perhaps the main reason for its establishment: "It's scope now includes preliminary engineering, building, testing and development of prototype vehicles." Well, once again, let us remind anyone who is reading this historical portrait on Detroit's Arsenal of Democracy that their is only one man who is accredited for introducing the "prototype vehicle" i.e., the "concept vehicle"...and that was Harley Earl.