Not only did Harley J. Earl of GM Design fame invent the "Dream Car" theme, but "Dream Trucks" became another one of his career firsts. He then branched out on his original premise whereby truck styling and designing also became a highly successful money making processes for GM, too. Naturally, like many other great innovations pioneered by this unique architect inside GM, most all major automakers then followed in step and incorporated Earl's advanced ideas and principles. (The whole story will be released later on why HJE let GM take control of his patents, inventions, life-style creations...etc. But, for the time being, there are many examples here at this website detailing evidence linking the selfsame pioneer of "auto design and styling" to many of his other creative discoveries spawned inside GM and Detroit: The L'Universelle is just one!)

Check out the facts written in a Los Angeles Times newspaper story (entire story at bottom of this section), reporting on this very facet inside a report on the 1954 Motorama at the Pan Pacific Auditorium:

"First truck ever to receive passenger car styling, the 1954 GMC pickup..."

"Sweeping lines, one-piece windshields, futuristic cab interiors with two-tone upholstery and 12 brilliant new colors have been added to GMC trucks by the same General Motors stylists who created such passenger dream cars as the Buick Wildcat and the Oldsmobile Cutlass and the new gas turbine XP 21 Firebird."