During the mid-twentieth century, DESIGN and STYLING LEADERSHIP helped cement an American auto maker at the top of the business world empire for decades of time! Many would agree today that "Presenting the Motorama" became central to the General Motors universe and is now an idealized portrait of this company's greatest moments in history. 

When A Big Business Prospers, The People Prosper

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What's important to demonstrate from the Progress In Plastics report written up for GM Folks magazine in 1953, above, is the level of heightened cooperation happening inside this large corporation between the Styling and Engineering departments. 


'54 Cadillac El Camino & El Espada were ultra streamlined masterworks of engineering. These fantastic concept cars, along with many others, were crushed in the 1960s. 

Like all the original Harley Earl Motorama wonder cars of the 50s, El Espada wowed millions of audience members. 

Like many novel ideas originating from this era of American auto world excellence, the unusual rearview TV system mounted on the dash, detailed above on the 1956 Centurion concept car, didn't appear on any production cars until nearly 50-years later when LEXUS, not General Motors, first introduced the feature in 2003. Now, ten years later, it is considered a standardized safety feature throughout the global auto industry.