Look at underlined quote below by Richard Earl in NY Times article on the Harley Earl TV ad campaign with Tiger Woods from 2002. Sharing in his grandfather's auto passion, Richard lit the flame for this landmark campaign by penning the original contract allowing GM to use Harley's name, likeness and image in advertising. Also examine a NY Times "Business Section" article from 1956 on Harley Earl that tugged at Richard to discover the ultimate direction Harley Earl wished to take the auto industry into the future (beyond the 1960s) and what towering challenges this auto pioneer had to go up against to build his dream. 

Can GM survive in today's world?

In the last 12 years, Richard has amassed an archival trove of rare information that has already begun to help transform and reinvent America's auto industry and get it back on the right track. Many people now realize, especially during the last quarter of 2008, that the once iconic corporation -- GM -- is very likely going to be entirely reborn beginning in 2009. Richard is one of the many auto professionals who believes that after the sagging GM brand is finally put to rest, during an interim of creative bankruptcy, many good things will start up thereafter for the American auto industry. He likens what has been going on in Detroit now for decade's of time, "as a ragging forest fire, and once it burns out, some beautiful things will blossom, grow and happen during this period of rebirth. 'GM' the brand will likely be done away with and/or spun into the 'Chevrolet Car Company' which after all, has been Detroit's greatest brand now for well over the last fifty years. This historical fact, about Chevrolet's strength, is proven in numbers and statistics, too. "

Body Politics

Finally, to enter Harley Earl's secret world, one needs a guide. During a 1995 International Motor Press Association (IMPA) luncheon, Richard Earl met Carl Spielvogel and he told him to read an illuminating article he had written in 1956 for the New York Times Business section on Harley Earl, "go to the New York Public Library and get a copy," Mr. Spielvogel said. Of course I did and found it to be one of the most succinct and riveting articles ever capturing the essences of Harley Earl's story [illustrated below]. Here inside this article laid essential messages I (as his grandson) would learn to better understand: 1.) "Mr. Earl's first and lasting love is reserved for automobiles." 2.) "Alfred P. Sloan Jr. gave him his only instructions: make these cars to sell." Earl said, "In carrying out this order I became the most hated man in the place (GM) because I got in everyone's hair." 3.) "He is married and lives in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. Mr. Earl has two sons and four grandchildren. Of the latter, he remarks wistfully, 'I hope one of them goes into my business.' "

Most people today think that Harley Earl easily arrived at winning the contract to design all of GM's products of the future (including trains and many other self propelled vehicles) have never heard the true inside version of this American icon's story. Often enough, Harley Earl laid out what he called "bunny bearers of disinformation" so others, including many high up execs of GM, would make it near impossible to find out exactly all the things this visionary engineering/artist was working on. Earl had all sorts of reasons to confuse others, especially members of the press back during the mid-twentieth century years. Basically, he wanted to always keep them off his scent trail, arrow above points to his quote in this story, "I'm not an artist." This was just another trick this unusual individual used to baffle the journalistic community and/or resist convention. But to this day, the media and the public have never heard the "Body Politics" side of the historic GM story of what challenges Harley Earl had to endure to go about creating and then having this car company mass produce their very first modern products...

The following 2005 Michigan business news story screams out how, view the red arrows below, GM's management was just going to go on building millions of cars American's don't want to buy...leading up to mid-2008 when this company drove off a cliff! Simply put, with the benefit of hindsight, this proves the current management of GM, along with its board of directors, need to be expelled for this will go down in history as being the largest  failure in American business history! If Rick Wagoner along with GM's board of directors are responsible for extinguishing the flame of the most prosperous business model of the 20th century (Design, i.e., appearance and function are of parallel importance), how is a govt. bailout of $16 billion dollars injected into the bank accounts of GM by the end of December, 2008 going to make a bit of difference moving forward? Hoards of this money will surely get ripped off and be slyly diverted into the corporate criminals bank accounts that entirely ruined the American auto industry. It's truly shocking.