Harley Earl and Bill France Sr., practically invented this modern term, quoted above, that moved (still does) more Detroit metal off of dealership showroom floors of products made by the Big 3 during the late 1950s and '60s than any other giant marketing idea associated with American fans fascinated with stock car racing. Why do you think NASCAR is so powerful today? Much of it rests on the shoulders of a innovative Detroit industry giant. Yes, Harley Earl was the one who took GM into modern sports car racing. Want proof? Well then click the forward link at the bottom of the section here that has the historical evidence to back it up. Harley Earl first set up the modern paradigm still working so well today uniting millions of car buyers and their fascination and or love for stock car racing to the glorious winning cars of all these events; which any knowledgeable NASCAR fan knows has predominately "all-American Detroit metal" entrants participating. 

Who do you think paid for this very print ad, featured below, that ran in literally millions of magazine ads during 1957 (LIFE, LOOK, COLLIER'S, MOTOR TREND, etc...)? General Motors and Pontiac's advertising agency. And, naturally it was another concept spawned from GM's most flexible modern leader: Harley Earl. Look at this ad below with GM's "modern master" featured in it; GM didn't do this out of the kindness of their heart. Back then, this company did their own kind of innovative customer research which focused on new trends and buying habits of American consumers...and, at that time, Harley Earl was this company's most innovative rain maker with an amazing sensitivity (and track record of successes) for having his fingertips on the pulse of the American buying public!

NASCAR fans are starting to come around and want to know more why is that Harley Earl's name is on NASCAR'S Top Award. Earl was an artist/engineer impresario and that's why he had this beautiful sterling silver trophy originally carved out inside his Michigan design studio and then sent it down to Bill France Sr. To this day, the HARLEY J. EARL DAYTONA 500 TROPHY remains one of the greatest modern American motor sports car prizes!

Pontiac won the Daytona '57 race...and the ad below was featured in millions of magazines. Look at pic at bottom of France & Earl with the Daytona Dream Car on the beach

 A casual photo of two captains of American motor sport, Bill France Sr. & Harley Earl, on the beach with the ultimate Daytona Dream Car: Firebird I