"These are the times when the world cries out for new and better things." GM's visionary spirit (it was the billboard sentence in this wonderful print ad shown below) was responsible for great things at this time in history. Most Americans loved this company in the mid-twentieth century, especially right after the war years. 

Read the entire text of this glowing ad, scroll down, from a double-paged print advertisement taken from a July, 1945 magazine issue of LIFE. As one can see from the myriad of historically important photos, this was Harley Earl's dream being put into motion. The word "Technopolis" was initially coined to kick off America's first industrial park of modernity after it's completion some ten years later in 1956. Even after all these years, the GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan still radiantly displays America's international style to the rest of the world. 

Pics below were all taken between 1945-47