Germany was determined to be supreme in motor car racing before WW-Two. So, when Hitler thundered, "Here’s the money – do it!" you did it – or you quietly disappeared from view. For that reason the state subsidized W125 Grand Prix automobile was built without regard to expense. 

From his national best selling book, The Fifties David Halberstam estimated the price tag for Le Sabre at "roughly $7-million dollars." Read Mr. Halberstam's exact quote in the second paragraph directly below. 

Dictionary description for " B U L L ' S - E Y E " a: the center of a target; b: something that precisely attains a desired end. It took over 50-years for this intoxicatingly elaborate side of LeSabe to surface and be shared with a general audience. 

The seal of proof establishing the true value of Le Sabre lay buried under the surface, or in this case has been "covered in a shroud of secrecy" for decades of time in Detroit's archives. Although the story is etched in stone within our Nation's auto capital, most auto execs inside this insular world don't even know about this history let along know how to expand on it. Until just a decade ago, nobody had ever before done the due diligence and put the entire story together on the man who invented the world's first concept cars and cemented GM at the top by creating history's first automobile design manufacturing empire. The Le Sabre happens to be a wonderful historical record and documentation, and like all the material covered here at this section of the website, helps precisely chronicles the design, engineering and artistic provenance of one of America's most treasured forms of art.