In 2013, the Harley Earl photo exhibit will be traveling to Southern California to be displayed within the Temecula Valley Museum from March 8 to April 28 to celebrate a yearly motoramic event known as the Temecula Rod Run! The all-new Automotive Hollywood is a photographic tribute to the glamorous creations of Harley Earl. Just as Hollywood turned budding starlets into iconic stars of the silver screen, the cars rolling out of Harley's design studio doors were celebrities in their own right, complete with flashing cameras, inquisitive reporters and millions of Americans clamoring for a glimpse and an opportunity to buy. Photos below detail exhibit presented at the one-year anniversary of the Waterfront Pavilion in West Palm Beach, Florida. 




Culled from a trove of rare and never-before-seen images from the Earl family, the photographs displayed in this collection were carefully selected by Curator Richard Earl. Designed to appeal to modern audiences, this exhibit truly enlivens a bygone era of grace, style and national pride. Click image below to see where the Harley Earl Photo Exhibit originated and has traveled to in the past.